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Don’t Live in a Flood Zone? You Should Still Consider Flood Insurance

If your home in New Jersey is situated in an area prone to flooding, your lender might necessitate the purchase of flood insurance. Nonetheless, what happens if it’s not? Is flood coverage genuinely essential? We at O’Donnell Agency LLC advise homeowners in New Jersey to view flood coverage as a significant safeguard against flood-related disasters. It shields you against sinking into a financial abyss in case of flood-induced damage.

Reasons to Invest in Flood Insurance

New Jersey has a high incidence of floods. Over time, flood risks in coastal and inland regions of the state continue to rise.

It’s worth noting that floods can be unpredictable and can occur almost anywhere without warning. According to National Flood Insurance Program statistics, around 40% of flood claims emanate from areas not identified as typical flood zones. A flood insurance policy can reassure you that your property and possessions are safeguarded against potential floods.

It’s not just catastrophic floods that can wreak havoc on your home. Even a meager few inches of floodwater can severely damage a home’s foundation, walls, flooring, and personal belongings! If you lack the financial resources to restore your property or replace your goods independently, you’re at risk of suffering a total loss. Here’s where flood insurance comes to the rescue, providing the monetary aid needed to recover from a flood disaster.

The Scope of Flood Insurance

Flood insurance covers damages caused by storm surges, heavy rainfalls, rising rivers, breached dams, and melting snow. Such water-related damages are typically not covered by standard home insurance policies. With flood insurance, you can protect your property for up to $250,000 and your belongings for up to $100,000, providing critical financial support in the event of a flood calamity.

Where to Purchase Flood Insurance

Look no further! To procure a protective flood policy for your New Jersey home, reach out to us at O’Donnell Agency LLC.

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