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How Tire Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Accidents

At O’Donnell Agency LLC, serving the state of New Jersey, we can not only help you with your auto insurance needs, but we also want to provide advice to help you avoid accidents. One of the best tips to avoid accidents is to properly maintain your tires.

Here are a few of the ways routine tire maintenance can help you avoid accidents:

Traction and Grip

 Well-maintained tires with sufficient tread depth provide better traction and grip on the road, particularly in adverse weather conditions like rain or snow. Adequate traction helps prevent skidding, sliding, and loss of control, reducing the risk of accidents. If your tires are starting to go bald or lose their traction, you need to replace them.

Reduced Blowout Risk

Regularly inspecting your tires for signs of wear, bulges, or other damage, helps identify potential issues that could lead to a tire blowout. A blowout at high speeds can result in a sudden loss of vehicle control, leading to severe accidents. Proper tire maintenance helps minimize the risk of blowouts.

Stability and Load Capacity

Ensuring that your tires are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and that they have the appropriate load capacity for the vehicle is important. Overloading or underinflating tires can compromise vehicle stability, affecting handling and increasing the likelihood of accidents. Over or under-inflating your tire also increases the risk of your tire blowing out. 

Keep Your Insurance Updated

One of the best ways to decrease your risk of an accident is to properly care for your tires. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent every accident. Having the right insurance policy can ensure you are covered if an accident does happen. Reach out to the team at O’Donnell Agency LLC, serving the state of New Jersey, to discuss your auto insurance needs.

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