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Insurance Blog

Why Should I Invest In Home Insurance?

At O’Donnell Agency LLC, we might be biased here, but there is no better place to call home than New Jersey. Whether it’s Robbinsville, Beckett, or Mountain Lakes, NJ, the state is full of serene neighborhoods to own a home. However, without home insurance for your prized asset, your investment is never complete. 

Why home insurance is a worthwhile investment

Regrettably, most homeowners view home insurance as just another unnecessary expense. However, when the unthinkable happens, it’s when they realize how powerful home insurance can be. Below are reasons why you should buy home insurance.

  • Liability protection: Despite how careful we are, accidents are bound to happen. Your dog might bite a neighbor. A friend can slip and hurt their leg on your premises, and so forth. The good news is that when you have invested in home insurance, liabilities are taken care of up to your policy limit.
  • Structure protection: Your home costs hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. However, perils like fire, theft, vandalism, storms, and hail can turn your invaluable asset into a nightmare. When you carry home insurance, repairs and even rebuilding of your home is compensated when the covered risk strikes.
  • Personal belongings’ protection: Home insurance safeguards your clothing, electronics, furniture, and sporting equipment if they are damaged or lost. 
  • Additional living expenses (ALE) coverage: Is your home unlivable due to hail, fire, or storm damage? Don’t panic. Home insurance pays for additional living expenses when you seek temporal shelter in a hotel.

Is home insurance mandatory in New Jersey?

While New Jersey law doesn’t require home insurance, your home lender may require you to carry standard home insurance until you settle the mortgage liability. But whether home insurance is compulsory or not, it’s a worthwhile investment for every homeowner.

Are you ready to get started with home insurance? Please contact O’Donnell Agency LLC today for all your home insurance solutions.

What is a home inventory and why do I need one

Owning a home is part of the American dream; don’t let it become your nightmare. Many things can happen to damage your home, and most of them are beyond your control. Nobody enjoys filing an insurance claim, but chances are pretty good at some point you will file a claim on your home insurance policy. Having an A+ carrier and an insurance agent who will be there for you through good times and bad makes facing the bad times easier. O’Donnell Agency LLC offers the residents of New Jersey top-notch carriers and their years of experience. 

When you file a claim to be reimbursed for your personal property, a home inventory can make the process much more relaxed. It will provide the proof your carrier needs to move ahead on your claim. A home inventory is a list of all the items that you own. It should include the value of the items and any receipts that you may have. The more detailed the inventory, the better. You may do it with a pad and a pen, or you may use a camera or your cellphone to document everything. 

A home inventory includes the content of your closets, drawers, cupboards, basement, garage, and attic. You will have the best outcome with your claim if you have documented as much as possible, including brand names, models, or serial numbers. Your inventory needs to be kept up to date as the items you possess changes. Your inventory can be helpful not only when filing a claim, but when deciding on a home policy. Please bring it with you when you talk to your agent.  

O’Donnell Agency LLC is there to help the residents of New Jersey. The team members have years of experience helping customers to get the coverage that is right for them. Come in and talk to a member of our staff or give us a call for a no-obligation quote. 

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