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Safeguarding Your Business with Workers’ Comp Insights

At O’Donnell Agency LLC, we know how hard it can be for New Jersey businesses to remain protected from all of the unforeseen issues that will come their way. Fortunately, we can provide some assistance in the form of workers’ comp insurance. To learn more about the advantages that these policies can provide, take a moment to check out our helpful guide.

Remaining In Compliance With State Regulations

Every state has regulations in place that govern workers’ comp policies and New Jersey is certainly no different in this regard. That’s why we urge prospective clients to speak with our experienced insurance agents as soon as possible. We will get you fully to speed and craft a policy that ensures continued compliance with state regulations over the short and long term.

Medical Assistance for Employees

Employees deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they will receive the proper medical assistance if an injury happens to take place while they are on the clock. Without a sufficient workers’ comp policy in place, injuries and illness become more problematic for the workforce, which is something that all businesses should strive to avoid.

Protection from Litigation

The last thing that any business can afford is an untimely lawsuit. With a workers’ comp policy, a business is doing everything in its power to protect themselves from litigation. Without a workers’ comp policy, the business leaves itself open to a host of issues. Lengthy legal proceedings can have all sorts of damaging effects that are better off being avoided at all costs.

Reach Out To Us

Do you have any further questions or concerns about how a workers’ comp policy will affect your New Jersey business? If so, please be sure to contact the good folks at O’Donnell Agency LLC as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

Everything Employers Need to Know About Worker’s Compensation

New businesses always want to know if worker’s compensation is required in New Jersey. There are a few exceptions, but it is required for almost all businesses with employees on their payroll. O’Donnell Agency LLC is here to help your business get the insurance it needs and comply with all state laws.

Worker’s compensation is intended to cover medical bills, lost wages, and associated expenses for employees injured or ill due to their employment. In New Jersey, all employers must have worker’s compensation insurance regardless of the number of employees or their time with the company.

Why is worker’s compensation required?

It’s simple – it’s a way to protect employees and provide them with the financial support they need if injured on the job. It also protects employers from lawsuits that could arise as a result of workplace injuries. Failure to provide worker’s comp insurance can also result in hefty fines and penalties for employers.

It’s worth noting that some professions in New Jersey are exempt from worker’s comp insurance, including domestic servants, real estate agents, and independent contractors. However, if you’re unsure whether your employees fall under these categories, it’s best to consult with an experienced insurance agent to ensure you comply with the law.

We Are Here To Help!

Worker’s compensation is required for most employers in New Jersey, regardless of your industry or company size. It’s a vital way to protect employees and employers in the event of a workplace injury. At O’Donnell Agency LLC, we specialize in worker’s comp insurance for businesses in New Jersey – contact us today to learn more.

Do You Need Workers Compensation Insurance If You Have a Family Run Business?

One of the questions that the O’Donnell Agency LLC, serving the entire state of New Jersey, is often asked in regards to workers comp insurance is whether someone who has a family-run business needs workers compensation insurance. If you have recently opened a family-owned business, you may have this question. Read on to learn more.

When Do You Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

In the state of New Jersey, you are required to carry workers compensation insurance if you have any employees. As such, if you have any family members who work for you, and are not owners of your business, you are required to carry workers compensation insurance on them. On the flip side, if every family member who works at your business owns parts of the business, you may not be required to carry workers compensation insurance, as long as your business is an LLC or a partnership. 

Do You Need Workers Compensation Insurance If You Have a Family Run Business?

In the state of New Jersey, you are required to have workers compensation insurance if you have one or more employees. It does not matter if your employees are all family members, family friends or strangers that you hire. As long as you have one or more employees, you must carry workers compensation insurance for your company. 

Give Us A Call

In the state of New Jersey, if you have any employees who do not own a part of the business, you are required to carry workers compensation insurance on them, even if they are family. The team at O’Donnell Agency LLC, serving the entire state of New Jersey, can help you find the right workers comp insurance for your needs. Reach out to us today to get started. 

Workers Compensation Myths Revealed

O’Donnell Agency LLC offers multiple types of coverage. For over 50 years, we have helped New Jersey residents find the coverage they need to navigate life’s risks. We are committed to helping our clients protect themselves, as well as their loved ones. We are confident that we can help alleviate some of your stress by giving you a safety net when an emergency arises.

Workers Compensation Myths Revealed

Many successful New Jersey businesses rely on their employees to provide excellent service. Sometimes issues may arise in the workplace that could put the entire business in jeopardy. Workers comp insurance protects employees while they are on the job. If you are injured on the job, workers comp covers your medical treatment and rehab. You are also covered in the event that you become disabled. Your employer is obligated to carry workers comp coverage. While researching the policy, pay attention to these common workers comp insurance myths.

I’m An Independent Contract So I’m Not Covered

This is incorrect. If you perform tasks for a business as an independent contractor, they are still obligated to cover you through a workers comp policy. If you are injured on the job, you can pursue legal action against the business if they don’t have the proper coverage.

I’m Not Covered Because I Was At Fault

Regardless of whether you accidentally hurt yourself or not, you are still covered through workers comp coverage. The only exception is if the incident occurred because you were drunk or had drugs in your system.

Workers Comp Insurance Isn’t Necessary For A Small Workforce

If you are a business owner with employees, you are required to carry worker’s comp insurance regardless of how many employees you have.

O’Donnell Agency LLC Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about workers comp insurance.  

What Does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?

As a business owner in New Jersey, the moment you hire your first employee, you take on some form of risk as anything can happen to them while at work. That is why you need workers’ compensation insurance that protects you and your employees as well.  To understand more about this form of commercial insurance, O’Donnell Agency LLC explains what it covers.

Medical Expenses

Workers’ compensation insurance helps cover employees’ medical bills resulting from a work-related injury or illness. This can include a visit to the hospital, surgery, and prescribed drugs. For example, if your plumber falls and twists his ankle, workers’ compensation insurance will help pay for their visit to the emergency room.

Missed Wages

After a work-related injury or illness where your employee needs to take some time off to recover, workers’ compensation insurance can help replace that lost income. If one of your roofers slips and falls and cannot come to work for a week or two, this type of insurance will help cover those lost wages.

Ongoing Care

At times, a work-related injury or illness can be so severe that one of your workers will need ongoing care like physical therapy or follow-up treatment. Workers’ compensation can help cover the cost of continuing care.

Funeral Expenses

In extreme cases, an employee may lose their life due to a work-related accident. In such circumstances, workers’ compensation insurance helps cover the funeral costs as well as provide death benefits for the beneficiaries of the deceased.


There are working conditions that can expose some employees to dangerous chemicals that can cause an illness. If one of your employees gets sick and requires treatment and ongoing care, this form of commercial insurance helps cover those expenses.

It is essential that business owners in New Jersey find the right insurance company to work with. If you are shopping for commercial insurance, you can contact us at O’Donnell Agency LLC. Our agents are ready to help ensure that your business and your employees are covered if you are exposed to risks.

When Does the Law Require Workers’ Compensation?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the private industry had 2.9 million nonfatal injuries in 2019. Cases of workplace injuries are not new. As an employer, the law requires you to ensure that your workers operate in a safe environment. 

Regardless of the safety measures that you have put in place, accidents can still happen. It would help to get workers’ compensation insurance. If you’re in New Jersey, O’Donnell Agency LLC can help you with your workers’ compensation insurance. 

When to Buy Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

Most states require companies to have workers’ compensation depending on the number of employees. Workers’ compensation is a great way to protect your business from financial losses and reputational damage. It’s vital to understand when to buy workers’ compensation, whether your company is well-established or an upstart. 

You need to get the coverage as soon as you hire your first employee. If any of your workers got an injury in the workplace, you wouldn’t be held financially responsible if there’s an insurance policy in place. It is best to comply with laws relating to workers’ compensation insurance to prevent cases of criminal or civil penalties. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the law requires businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance. Some employers under federal programs or those in partnerships get some exceptions. Those without employees also don’t have an obligation to get this kind of insurance. 

The insurance should also cover part-time employees if they are paid wages and taxed. However, the coverage doesn’t apply to volunteers, interns, and contractors. Business owners must understand workers’ compensation insurance and cases where it applies. 

Workers’ compensation insurance can be a challenging concept, especially for new business owners. For businesses in New Jersey, check out O’Donnell Agency LLC to know more about this coverage. The team will guide you on workers’ compensation per the law.  

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