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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation in New Jersey

Workers Compensation Insurance Requirements in New Jersey

Every business in Cranford, NJ and the rest of the state that has employees is required to have worker's compensation. There are some exceptions for employers that are covered by members of LLCs and federal programs. Sole proprietors who don’t have employees would also be exempt. Both seasonal and part-time employees need to be covered by insurance if they are paid salaries or wages and have taxes deducted. Coverage isn’t required for volunteers, interns, and contractors. Self-employed people may not need workers comp insurance but if they work in a high-risk occupation, it could still be beneficial to be protected in the event of an injury while on the job.

What Does Workers Comp Cover in New Jersey?

Having workers comp coverage in Cranford, NJ gives benefits to both the employees and employers. For the employee, it provides temporary disability benefits to replace wages, financial assistance for any reasonable medical services that are necessary for treatment, permanent disability benefits for any long-term illnesses or injuries, and death benefits if the employee dies due to a work-related accident. For employers, the benefits include covering their financial liability and the cost of legal representation.

There will be specific guidelines when an injury is covered under worker's comp. An agent at O'Donnell Agency LLC can help explain coverage requirements The injury needs to take place while the employee is performing a job, the employee's injury needs to be too serious to be treated with basic first aid, and the employee should be receiving a paycheck with taxes deducted during each pay period.

There are certain statutes of limitation when claims can be filed. An injured employee must file a claim within two years of the date of injury or the date of the last payment of compensation. If the injury is ongoing then the claim needs to be filed within two years of the date the worker becomes aware of the injury.

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