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Insurance Blog

Does Your New Company Need a Commercial Insurance Policy?

Starting up a new company can be extremely exciting, but there are some specific areas you need to focus on in order to protect yourself and your business. If you’re in New Jersey and in need of a commercial insurance policy, working with us at O’Donnell Agency LLC is the right choice. Then you can have security, protection, and peace of mind, so you can worry less and focus on all the things you need to do to operate your business efficiently. There’s no reason to settle for anything less.

Commercial Insurance Policy

Commercial policies are designed for a wide variety of businesses, and there are different types and levels of coverage. Working with an agent is the best way to make sure you’re getting what you actually need for your particular company. Insurance isn’t something you want to guess because not being properly covered could be devastating in the event of a claim. No matter what kind of business you have, we can help you get the kind of coverage that’s right for you.

Our agents are dedicated professionals who understand the serious nature of proper coverage and protection. If you have an office with a few employees, for example, you won’t need the same kind of policy as a warehouse owner with hundreds of workers. Restaurants, construction sites, coffee shops, and all types of other businesses have unique and specific needs, so you want to see quotes from several different insurers before making a decision.

Get in touch with us at O’Donnell Agency LLC if you’re in New Jersey and looking for a commercial insurance policy for your new company. We can provide you with multiple quotes, making it easier and more convenient for you to choose the policy that fits your business properly.

Home Insurance and the Older Home

Homes that are more than forty years old can be difficult to insure. All those years of wear and tear on systems and structures can cause problems. Roofing materials from more than forty years ago are not as durable as they could be. Sure, you could rebuild, but the cost of that might be higher than the market value of the property. Even then, it’s possible that the materials used to build the home might not exist anymore. And then there are those ever-evolving codes in the plumbing and electricity. That’s why you need an HO-8 policy. 

What Is An HO-8 Policy? 

If you are not able to secure a standard homeowner’s policy for your older home, an HO-8 policy may be for you. An HO-8 policy may cover fewer perils and come with lower dwelling coverage limits than the usual homeowner’s policy. However, it may cost much less. Your insurance provider may require you to buy an HO-8 policy if it is determined that your home would cost more to build than it’s worth. 

High-Value Homeowner’s Insurance

Keep in mind that HO-8 policies don’t operate on replacement costs. In case of a disaster, you’ll want high-value homeowner’s insurance. This will take care of the cost of most damage to your historic home. 

O’Donnell Agency LLC Serving New Jersey

New Jersey has its fair share of historic homes, some dating back to the Colonial Era. Yours might not be quite that old, but still old enough to qualify for an HO8 policy.  If you need your older home insured, please get in touch with O’Donnell Agency LLC. Our knowledgeable agents will do all they can to help you get what you need. 

Safeguarding Your Business with Workers’ Comp Insights

At O’Donnell Agency LLC, we know how hard it can be for New Jersey businesses to remain protected from all of the unforeseen issues that will come their way. Fortunately, we can provide some assistance in the form of workers’ comp insurance. To learn more about the advantages that these policies can provide, take a moment to check out our helpful guide.

Remaining In Compliance With State Regulations

Every state has regulations in place that govern workers’ comp policies and New Jersey is certainly no different in this regard. That’s why we urge prospective clients to speak with our experienced insurance agents as soon as possible. We will get you fully to speed and craft a policy that ensures continued compliance with state regulations over the short and long term.

Medical Assistance for Employees

Employees deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they will receive the proper medical assistance if an injury happens to take place while they are on the clock. Without a sufficient workers’ comp policy in place, injuries and illness become more problematic for the workforce, which is something that all businesses should strive to avoid.

Protection from Litigation

The last thing that any business can afford is an untimely lawsuit. With a workers’ comp policy, a business is doing everything in its power to protect themselves from litigation. Without a workers’ comp policy, the business leaves itself open to a host of issues. Lengthy legal proceedings can have all sorts of damaging effects that are better off being avoided at all costs.

Reach Out To Us

Do you have any further questions or concerns about how a workers’ comp policy will affect your New Jersey business? If so, please be sure to contact the good folks at O’Donnell Agency LLC as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

Q & A About Renters Insurance Coverage

Here at the O’Donnell Agency LLC in New Jersey, we know that many people rent apartments, condos, and homes. That’s why we’re here to answer the top questions people have about renters insurance.


Question #1: I rent but don’t own. Do I still need insurance coverage?

Answer: Many property owners and landlords require tenants to carry renters insurance. This protects you as a renter because if catastrophe strikes, this coverage can help you replace your personal belongings. Should the residence become uninhabitable, your policy may also cover loss of use coverage to help with expenses while the property is being repaired. Renters insurance also helps cover legal expenses should you be sued due to a non-resident getting injured on the property. You’ll also enjoy protection for your possessions when traveling.

Question #2: Is my rental unit covered by the owner’s insurance policy?

Answer: No, the owner or landlord’s insurance only covers damage to the property or building, but not any type of liability in the unit or your personal property. Having renters insurance also protects you should damage to the property affect the entire building, such as a fire that could leave you held liable by the landlord.

Question #3: I have roommates. Do we need individual renters’ policies?

Answer: You’ll want to get a solid answer from your agent. For the most part, it’s ideal if all roommates share one policy. However, this could lead to contention should a reimbursement scenario be necessary. It is possible for each person to get their own coverage if desired.

Question #4: I run a small business out of the home. Are my business inventory and tools covered by renters insurance?

Answer: Yes, but within certain monetary limits. Should your stock and work tools exceed reimbursement amounts, consider getting a home business insurance policy, too.

Need Renters Insurance? Call O’Donnell Agency LLC in New Jersey

We cover a wide range of states, ranging from the Northeast to the Deep South. Contact us today to get a free quote on renters insurance from a wide range of our policy carriers.

3 Questions to Ask Your Agent About Umbrella Insurance

If you’re looking at insurance coverage options to protect what matters most, you may want to get an umbrella insurance policy. O’Donnell Agency LLC can help if you’re in New Jersey and want to learn about your options before making your choice.

Here are three of the most important questions to ask your agent:

1. What Kinds of Situations Does This Cover?

Umbrella coverage is designed to protect you over and above the limits of the other policies you already have. With that in mind, though, it may not cover every situation you could otherwise be insured for. Make sure you talk to your agent about any specific concerns, so you know whether you’ll be covered.

2. What Coverage Level Do I Need?

The amount of coverage you’re looking for is also important. Some people want or need more than others, and you don’t want to be unprotected if it’s possible to increase your coverage for a little extra security. Giving your agent a good understanding of your situation makes it easier for them to recommend coverage levels.

3. Is This Insurance Right for Me?

Whether umbrella coverage is right for you is something only you can decide, but your agent can help you understand how it works and what kinds of scenarios it covers. Then you can decide if it’s something you want to include with your other policies.

We Are Here To Help

If you’re in New Jersey and thinking about umbrella insurance, O’Donnell Agency LLC is here to help you get the right policy and coverage options for your situation. Not only does that offer you additional protection in the event of a claim, but it can also give you much more peace of mind for the present and your future.

Understanding Flood Risk: The Importance of Comprehensive Flood Insurance

In New Jersey, we’ve seen our share of natural disasters over the years. Whether it’s Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene, or the countless Nor’easters that roll through town, we’re all too familiar with the dangers that flooding can bring. Flooding can be devastating to your home and personal property, but it can also cause irreparable damage to your finances.

O’Donnell Agency LLC believes it’s essential to understand flood risk and the importance of comprehensive flood insurance.

The Importance of Comprehensive Flood Insurance

Once you know your risk, it’s important to consider a comprehensive flood insurance policy. While standard homeowners insurance policies include coverage for water damage, it doesn’t automatically cover flood damages. Flood insurance is a separate policy that can help you recover financially in the aftermath of a flood. Without flood insurance, you could be facing thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses to repair your home and replace damaged personal property.

It’s also important to note that flood insurance policies have a 30-day waiting period before coverage begins. This means you can’t simply purchase flood insurance when you see a storm coming; you need to have it in place before the next storm hits. Planning ahead can make all the difference in recovering from a flood.

When it comes to flood risk, knowledge is power. Comprehensive flood insurance coverage can help you weather the next storm that hits New Jersey with less financial stress. Purchasing flood insurance is truly an investment in your present and future. If you’re unsure about your flood risk or have questions about flood insurance in New Jersey, reach out to O’Donnell Agency LLC. We can connect you to the coverage that’s right for you.

How Tire Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Accidents

At O’Donnell Agency LLC, serving the state of New Jersey, we can not only help you with your auto insurance needs, but we also want to provide advice to help you avoid accidents. One of the best tips to avoid accidents is to properly maintain your tires.

Here are a few of the ways routine tire maintenance can help you avoid accidents:

Traction and Grip

 Well-maintained tires with sufficient tread depth provide better traction and grip on the road, particularly in adverse weather conditions like rain or snow. Adequate traction helps prevent skidding, sliding, and loss of control, reducing the risk of accidents. If your tires are starting to go bald or lose their traction, you need to replace them.

Reduced Blowout Risk

Regularly inspecting your tires for signs of wear, bulges, or other damage, helps identify potential issues that could lead to a tire blowout. A blowout at high speeds can result in a sudden loss of vehicle control, leading to severe accidents. Proper tire maintenance helps minimize the risk of blowouts.

Stability and Load Capacity

Ensuring that your tires are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and that they have the appropriate load capacity for the vehicle is important. Overloading or underinflating tires can compromise vehicle stability, affecting handling and increasing the likelihood of accidents. Over or under-inflating your tire also increases the risk of your tire blowing out. 

Keep Your Insurance Updated

One of the best ways to decrease your risk of an accident is to properly care for your tires. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent every accident. Having the right insurance policy can ensure you are covered if an accident does happen. Reach out to the team at O’Donnell Agency LLC, serving the state of New Jersey, to discuss your auto insurance needs.

Understanding General Liability Insurance

When running a business, certain risks come along with it. One of the most important things to consider in New Jersey is protecting your business from legal claims or lawsuits. General liability insurance is designed to cover various claims arising from your business operations. O’Donnell Agency LLC discusses the importance of general liability insurance for businesses, what it covers, and how it can protect your business.

What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance is a type of coverage that protects a business against legal claims or lawsuits.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

One of the biggest benefits of general liability insurance is that it protects your business from various claims. General liability insurance can cover those costs. It can also protect your business against property damage claims, such as if you damage a customer’s property while working on it. Additionally, general liability insurance can cover advertising injuries, such as copyright infringement or defamation.

Why is General Liability Insurance Important?

Without general liability insurance, your business could be at risk for financial ruin in the event of a legal claim or lawsuit. A single claim or lawsuit could cost hundreds or even millions of dollars.

How Does General Liability Insurance Protect Your Business?

General liability insurance protects your business by covering the costs of a legal claim or lawsuit. If someone files a claim against your business, your insurance provider will handle the claim and cover any associated costs up to your policy limits. This can include legal fees, damages, and other costs.

Reach Out To Us

When it comes to protecting your business, general liability insurance is essential to your insurance portfolio. If you’re interested in learning more about general liability insurance, contact O’Donnell Agency LLC. We’re here to help New Jersey!

3 Home Repairs That Increase Security

Keeping your home safe involves so much more than simply installing a doorbell camera and locking it up at night. Ignoring crucial home repairs can actually affect your home’s security as well. Here at O’Donnell Agency LLC, we want to help homeowners in New Jersey keep their homes safe and secure. 

Here are some home repairs that increase security:

Window Updates

Windows create numerous entry points in your home. If those windows are not kept in good working order, then you are putting your home in danger. You need to evaluate your windows every few years to see if the windows need to be replaced or repaired. Don’t procrastinate on this important job. 

Faulty Locks

Locks are your first line of defense against home intruders. You need to be able to rely on your lock systems throughout your home. If you notice that locks are not working properly, it might be time to update. Homeowners often do not consider updating locks as a crucial type of home repair, but over time locks start to wear out and it will affect your home’s safety. 

Rotting Wood

If you have any rotting wood around windows or exterior doors, this could create a safety issue for your home. Rotting wood makes it even easier for intruders to gain access to your home. Be sure to have rotting wood quickly replaced to make the entrance secure. 

Looking For Insurance in New Jersey?

If you would like to learn more about our home insurance products, please contact us at O’Donnell Agency LLC. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the right insurance products today. 

Everything Employers Need to Know About Worker’s Compensation

New businesses always want to know if worker’s compensation is required in New Jersey. There are a few exceptions, but it is required for almost all businesses with employees on their payroll. O’Donnell Agency LLC is here to help your business get the insurance it needs and comply with all state laws.

Worker’s compensation is intended to cover medical bills, lost wages, and associated expenses for employees injured or ill due to their employment. In New Jersey, all employers must have worker’s compensation insurance regardless of the number of employees or their time with the company.

Why is worker’s compensation required?

It’s simple – it’s a way to protect employees and provide them with the financial support they need if injured on the job. It also protects employers from lawsuits that could arise as a result of workplace injuries. Failure to provide worker’s comp insurance can also result in hefty fines and penalties for employers.

It’s worth noting that some professions in New Jersey are exempt from worker’s comp insurance, including domestic servants, real estate agents, and independent contractors. However, if you’re unsure whether your employees fall under these categories, it’s best to consult with an experienced insurance agent to ensure you comply with the law.

We Are Here To Help!

Worker’s compensation is required for most employers in New Jersey, regardless of your industry or company size. It’s a vital way to protect employees and employers in the event of a workplace injury. At O’Donnell Agency LLC, we specialize in worker’s comp insurance for businesses in New Jersey – contact us today to learn more.

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