Personal Insurance

O’Donnell Agency offers personal insurance policies. As an independent insurance agent, you can shop with multiple companies.


Private passenger Auto

Private passenger auto can cover you for Liability Coverages, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Comprehensive (Fire & Theft) and Collision.  Liability Limits can be purchased from state minimums to five hundred thousand dollars. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is available in NJ up to $250,000, Comprehensive and Collision can be purchased on any vehicle and is rated based on the age and value of the vehicle.


Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance is one of the most valuable policies any client can purchase.  This policy will cover your home and all of your personal property under one policy against most potential claims.  It will also over you for Liability, Loss of Use and Other Structures (garages, sheds, fences, etc…)  The homeowners policy can be tailored to the individual homeowner to add coverage’s not common to everyone.

O’Donnell Agency LLC has markets for even the hardest to place home’s (coastal properties, underground oil tanks, claims history, etc…) as well as secondary homes and rental properties.


Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance will cover your home against a flood.  This coverage is available to all homes and is rated by what “flood zone” your property is located. If your home is located outside the “A” zones it may be eligible for a preferred policy at a much lower than normal rate. Flood Insurance for Private homes is available up to $250,000 for the building and $100,000 in Personal Property.  There is excess flood policies available for larger homes when a mortgage company requires higher coverage.


Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella policies are an important part of your insurance portfolio.  They offer an additional layer or “umbrella” over your primary policies (auto, home, boat etc…).  Most primary policies have a maximum liability limit of $500,000 or maybe a 1 million.  The umbrella can add up to 5 million in additional liability coverage over all of those policies. We highly recommend to any homeowner and especially to those that have swimming pools.  It is also an important coverage over your auto as one bad accident could have you involved in a large lawsuit.  This extra protection also includes legal fees which sometime end up being more than the payout of the claim.


We also offer Motorcycle, RV, Boat and Wedding Insurance.

As an Independent Agent, O’Donnell Agency LLC has access to a variety of companies and can shop your policy and get the best price.  Why waste 15 minutes and get only one quote when the same 15 minutes can get you multiple quotes.


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