Hi my name is Maria Palermo and I’ve know the Griffith Family for many years.  I have come to respect their value in family and in the way they run their business.  A family run business that was handed down from Uncle O’Donnell to Mr. Griffith Sr., Uncle O’Donnell knew that they would continue to run this business as he did, one of his greatest goals was to keep a person to person customer service, none of this automated service was to take over the O’Donnell Agency.  To date they have been able to make him proud.
The O’Donnell Agency has had a long road traveled, as have I.  I came to work for the Griffith Family 11yrs ago.  At that time I was going threw a very difficult time in my life & family.  My second child was diagnosed with PDD-NOS which is on the Spectrum of Autism.  The Griffiths coming from such a family based background understood my situation, they were eager to help me accomplish my goal in being an employee and also the mom I needed to be for my son.  I could never thank them enough for this.
I am involved with a fantastic organization called Autism Speaks; they were very helpful & supportive in my time of need.  They have a walk every year at Nomahegan Park in Cranford, NJ to raise much needed funds for Awareness & Research  which the O’Donnell Agency “Griffith Family” would donate every year and they even sponsored me one year.
You can visit their web-page by logging onto  You can also obtain some very valuable information from their webpage, it seems to be endless.  Our team name is “Simones Saviors” which was chosen by my two other children and approved by my son Simone–of course! We welcome you to create your own team, join a team or just make a donation….no amount is to small when you’re searching for a cure.  Please come visit us!
Lastly, I would like to just say that I am honored and stand proud to say “I am part of the O’D Family”.


Maria Palermo

(908) 272-3540 tel

(908) 272-6290 fax

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