Due to occupational exposures, firefighters have a 100% higher risk of developing cancer.  Firefighter cancer risks are greater than the general population. In a study released by the University of Cincinnati, it determined that firefighters are at a greater risk of developing four different types of cancer.1  The report conducted by the university’s environmental health department found that firefighters are twice as likely to develop testicular cancer and have higher rates of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and prostate cancer.

It also highlighted the fact that firefighters are at a greater risk for multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow, a disease with no treatment or cure.

Grace LeMasters, PhD professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UC, states “we believe there’s a direct correlation between the chemical exposures firefighters experience on the job and their increased risk for cancer.” She adds “firefighters work in an inherently dangerous occupation on a daily basis,” as public servants, they need—and deserve—additional protective measures that will ensure they aren’t at an increased cancer risk.”

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